Xingping Again

Posted: 20th December 2006 by Eric D in SinoPenn
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As I stated before, I would get around to posting these things eventually. Dongying is up, and now it’s time for Xingping. After my two week stint in Dongying was finished, I shot over to Xingping, about an hour away from Xi’an. Well, it just so happens that much like Dongying, Xingping’s city is ALSO built up around a company… this one a Chemical factory. What chemicals, I don’t know. The name, beats me, but I’ll find out when I get back to Xingping after Christmas.

Xingping is a rather small, dusty city that has about as much to offer as a whackshack does to a Eunich. Regardless, if one wanted to make his or her mark in a certain English school there, that would be the place to do it. No competition & it’s bound to grow. What IS appealing is that the food is fantastic and (I know everyone says the following only to suck up…) the people are generally friendly. Unless you work at the computer shop around the corner from Aston.

Xingping is also right near Xianyang, about 20 minutes by bus, and Xi’an, about 50 minutes & 9 RMB by bus. Between Xingping & Xianyang are the Chinese Pyramids I’ve always been interested in, and that I’ll be scoping out up close in about 2 weeks! Most likely tombs of ancient Generals, no one has really ever excavated them, nor explored them. They’re pretty much overgrown now, and some of them are even bases for farming. I hope to find out for myself by heading to that part of the countryside for some close-up pics & such. Below is one from Enjoy!

Chinese Pyramids

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  1. Andrew says:

    I was wondering is Xingping Aston still being managed by an Irishman named Mathew O’Doyle?