Eric Vs. Century Mart, Part 2

Posted: 18th January 2008 by Eric D in SinoPenn
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I think I broke my blog. Anyways…

I know this was stupid of me, but I had to go in there to pick up something last night. I’m thinking 9:20pm, shouldn’t be too hard. 9:23 I got my item. 9:25 I was in line.

9:47 I was finally out and on my way to KFC.

There were two groups in front of me, both doing their “STOP!” thing. Except the first group had to argue with the woman about just about everything. Apparently their last order wasn’t quite enough for them to use up the two 5 RMB coupons they’d already collected, so they’re arguing amongst themselves.

“Lets get tissues!”
“We already HAVE Tissues!”
“Okay, how about laundry soap? It’s right there.”
“We already bought laundry soap!”
“But it’s just right there. Let’s grab it and go!”
(the sensible one)
“We don’t need it!” (the guy pissing me off.)

I’m mostly guessing judging by their facial expressions, my somewhat limited Chinese & where they were pointing.

It’s starting to turn into an artform on who can get closest to 200 RMB to get that coupon.

The next people up in line only had 2 air purifiers, a few boxes of wine & various other things. Not that much at all, but some pricy stuff.

Price came to 250 RMB. Too late to yell “STOP!” but the guy had a plan.

We don’t want that purifier. Put this bottle of wine on there instead.

Price is down to 205 or something like that. Finally they can pay and continue.

Next batch: 270 or so RMB. Again, remove the purifier. Add a few other things… Price closer to 200.

Pay & continue. Last batch. Two cheap purifiers. DAMNIT!!! Again, just short of 200! What on earth will THEY buy? The Suspense is KILLING ME!!!

The guy turns around & sees me and my one item and says “sorry” with his Summer Teeth grinning the whole time. I said nothing.

They got what they wanted and proceeded to pay, using the 2 coupons they’d already collected. But then he pulls out a stack of cards. Gift cards, maybe, but there looked to be about 20 in all. The cashier had to scratch something off every single one of them, manually enter the cards, individually, one at a time, a single card at a single time, scratch, enter, scratch, enter… you get the idea.

Anyways, they finally buggered off, and I got there with my single item (yes, it was actually quite necessary to get this item at this time). The girl smiles, says, “Ni Hao! :D ” I hand her the item, 10 rmb, get the change and get the fuck out of there, that cheeky Summer Teeth smile still etched in my mind making me even more furious. 9:47 according to my mobile. 22 fucking minutes for that.

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