New Apartment!

Posted: 22nd December 2008 by Eric D in SinoPenn
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Our new apartment! Sorry for the bad scan. Will try to get a better one next time we’re in Jiuting.

From Shanghai, China- Miscellaneous Pics

But here it is! This is what we just bought here in Shanghai. 132 sqm (1420 square feet), the place will be ready in another 9 months. The building, as well as a third of the apartment complex is still being built. When it’s finished though, it’ll be a rather beautiful place to live, both the apartment and the surrounding areas.

Yesterday, we spent the day in Jiuting again, looking at various places, our fourth trip there. We saw one place that we liked, in a building already finished, but the asking price was too high. Some people there, who bought their places before the economic meltdown, paid a much higher price, and are now suddenly desperate to sell. Sell for a loss though, it’s not going to happen. We passed on those ones, and someone from Bayside Garden told us of a special deal in the apartments near the main gate.

The people at Bayside were helpful. We told them that while we have the money, they’re in accounts that if we pulled them out early, we would lose the interest earned on them. They however, came back and told us that they can match the interest. After a bit more negotiating, we got the price per sqare meter down to something more manageable (an effort to secure a lower rate of interest from the amount we still have to borrow) and afterwhich, we paid the deposit and signed the papers. On Friday, we’ll go back to pay the down payment and arrange for the loan.

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