One of the nastier places to try to drive (and walk for that matter) in a civilized matter right now is Jianhe Road & Yan’an South Road during rush hour.  Construction currently going on on the road has somehow released a strange chemical in the air making drivers here act in a much more irratic manner than normal.  Case number one:

Corner of Jianhe Lu & Yan’an Xi Lu. From Shanghai, China- Miscellaneous Pics
From Shanghai, China- Miscellaneous Pics

Note the drivers going straight on Jianhe Road (going right in the first photo,  the black car & the back of a gray van).  The light is green, and as at least some pe0ple know in China, green means go.  The problem with this is that where the gray van is heading, this is where the construction begins, and there’s only one lane. When that light turns red, the large blue truck in the back will sit comfortably in the way of the traffic that would’ve been able to go when their light turned green.  Why is that?  Simply put, no common sense and all personal gratification.  He or she MUST go because he or she CAN go, paying no heed to the fact that he or she WILL end up blocking traffic.

Cars going up the wrong way on a temporarily one way street.
From Shanghai, China- Miscellaneous Pics
Cars going up the wrong way on a temporarily one way street.
From Shanghai, China- Miscellaneous Pics

Case number two: Due to the traffic only being one lane in the construction area, the congestion is NOT just because of Dysfunction Junction. It’s also due partly to morons like the above who decide, rather than go around, they want to pry their way up the wrong way, slowing down or even stopping those going the right direction.  At the end of this part of the lane is indeed a sign and sometimes a traffic cop sitting on a lawn chair suggesting people simply turn left instead of going straight.  Unfortunately, some people just can’t read.

So there we have it.  On one hand, due to the traffic, everyone needs to jump into the one-way lane and even if the light is red, the common mentality is, “well, the guy ahead of me is going, I’ll go too.  Even if I’m stuck in the middle of the road blocking traffic, or even if it’s going up the wrong way.”

Happy Everyday!

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