What Google really thinks of us

Posted: 13th October 2009 by Eric D in SinoPenn
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After reading this link on Huffington Post, I decided to see what Google thinks of other people & places. Interesting to find what Google Suggest has to say about China.

China is...

It seems some believe that China wil be the next great empire, and a couple on the overall happiness here. Most Chinese I know are “happy everyday!”. Maybe because they have an empire! I guess people who have empires are just a bit more annoyed than people without empires. Time to move to a banana republic?

Let’s look at their people more specifically.


Gag! That’s not very nice! Babies? Dogs? Pretty nasty! Maybe that’s why some people are afraid of the Chinese.


Then again, people are also afraid of Britney Spears. So am I.

But lets be fair here. Lets see what Google Suggest has to say about our neighbors in Japan and Korea.


Well well well!!! Looks like the Japanese are chowing down on a little toddler sushi of their own! And those rather tired and rude Koreans are just as busy devouring Lassie & Benji.

So… how about their countries?


Japan is Wierd!!! Must be all the babies they’re eating. Or perhaps that’s why they’re awesome? Nah… And for Korea…




(or swim)!

Wait… maybe that’s premature. Nothing on Fox News yet anyways.

Anywho, let’s check out the girls!!! Google Suggest, what have you to say about our Asian beauties?

Chinese girls are easy and pretty! How sweet! But wait… Boring? Well… considering the amount of months my wife & I spent looking at tiles for the new apartment, maybe they have a point.


Japanese girls are easy, but they’re wierd too! And annoying! At least they’re not boring.


Korean girls seem to be a winner here. Not a single negative toward them. And they’re just as easy as their Chinese & Japanese counterparts. No wonder so many westerners flock to Asia. Bow Chicka Bow Wow!

Let’s toss in Hong Kong girls, just for a bit of fun.


OUCH! Very single-minded of you, Google Suggest! Materialistic? I “Suggest” you march right down to Hong Kong and buy some girls an LV or Gucci bag or 4 just to make up for it. Might want to start with this girl.

So… now we know what Google Suggest thinks of our people here in Asia.  I, for one, am SHOCKED!  I might just have to march right down to Bubba’s and have a cold beer just to sort out my life.   And maybe play some Golden Tee.

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  2. fred says:

    Nice! I’m heading over right now to find out what American state Japan is slightly smaller than.