The Keep, Revisited

Posted: 19th November 2009 by Eric D in SinoPenn
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It’s taken me only 2 weeks to get to 99.4% on the flac’s. I’ll be damned if it’s been another week or so, and it’s still at 99.4%. It doesn’t really matter much though. After 20 years, I do indeed have that music that I’ve been after for so long!

I can edit the 0.6% at this point if I need to. Thank you , Tangerine Dream & Edgar Froese and company! You’ve done SO WELL with music! To me personally, much more than you probably realize.

Edit:  How’s this for timing?  The last 0.6% finished 5 minutes ago!  2 Hours after I posted this!  I have the ENTIRE SOUNDTRACK to a movie my father and I have been hunting for for over 23 YEARS!  I’m looking forward to when we kick back for a beer and blast it on his stereo in the Lunatic Fringe bar!

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  1. Keep Grail says:

    Any chance of you posting this? I, too, have been searching for The Keep O.S.T. for a long, long time.