Li TianQi of the ministry of Weather today said he wanted to let U.S. President Barack Obama know where he stood in China.  Calling upon MOW resources, Li made sure that the rain would be pouring upon Obama’s visit.  Why make it rain, we asked him.

“It’s quite simple-lah.”  Li is quoted.  “Remember the nice beautiful clouds during the National Day in Beijing?  We did that.  Now it was time to let the U.S. President know of our influence.”  Temperatures dropped in Shanghai during Obama’s visit, in which he visited both government officials asking him things like “You like chinese food?” and “Busha bad-la.  You think so?” and school children asking about the latest state of affairs between Sino-U.S. relations.

When asked what’s next for the Ministry of Weather, Xue Shangdi, vice minister said, “I believe Mr. Li wants to ensure a New Moon for the Spring Festival, but he’s still rather touchy on the whole ‘eclipse’ incident“.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Time, when asked why it’s dark in Shanghai at 5 in the afternoon, merely replied that time zones are a very complicated matter.  “It’ll take time.”

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