I was watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report this morning a week behind as usual.  Don’t ask why or how, since I’m heading back to the rather litigious United States in 2 weeks.  While having my coffee, I thought to myself, “Self, I wonder what all the words in the Colbert Report opening sequence are.”  So I thought I’d try to list out what all the words in the opening sequence of The Colbert Report are.  I sat here with coffee number 3,  in front of my computer, Fox News Radio on (and being ignored)  and figured out what they were.

Um… No I do NOT have too much time on my hands, but sometimes I need to step back for a bit and do something different.

After the eagle:

Kingmaker Strong Principled??
Patriot Courageous
Honorable Independent
Authoritative Powerful


High Fructose
International (??)ble (behind the flag) National(ist?)
Honorable All Beef Sponsor(ship?)
Kingmaker Principled Sponsor
Influential Bold

Jumping with the Flag

The parts in Red changed during the week of November 1st to November 4th.  These ones change OFTEN.

All-Beef Confident??
Authoritative Honorable Principled
Indivisible?? Independent??
National Treasure Star-Spangled
Self-Evident Kingmaker Passionate??
Fearnix Rising – November 1 Hang 2010 – November 2 Batter-Fried – November 3 & 4

Falling & Looking at the Camera

Star-Spangled (behind fearless)
Courageous Sanctified
Strong National Treasure
Invincible Self-Evident
Passionate Chiseled
Constitutional Originalist Influencial
Worthy Powerful
High-Fructose Authoritative
Indivisible Independent
Tallish Fearless Strong
Passionate (somewhat late) Authoritative Star-Spangled
(National?? Treasure) Confident
All Beef
Self-Evident Indivisible
Strong Fearless
National Treasure Sanctified?? (above elbow) Chiseled
(Coura??)geous Independent

About to Land

Invincible Sanctified Chiseled
Strong Invisible National Treasure
Originalist Self-Evident Constitutional
Powerful Tallish
Courageous Influential
Passionate Chiseled
Enlarged Honorable

In the Colbert Thunderdome Arena

This one is tough to read.  I can make out up to 8 rows.  Perhaps someone with HDTV can add to this part.

Authoritative Star-Spangled Chiseled Passionate Authoritative Star-Spangled
Fearless Independent Influencial Indivisible ??Fled Honorable Independent
Self-Evident All Beef High Fructose Kingmaker

Wow!! That’s a lot of lines of code! That “Colbert Thunderdome” section is a tough one.  From what I can tell, there’s at least 8 rows of words there.  Maybe a subliminal message or two thrown in for fun.  Anyways, there you go! Now you know (most of) the words on the Colbert Report opening sequence. If anyone can add what the RED ones are from other episodes, by all means, leave them in the comment section!

Need more Stephen Colbert?  Go find Colbert Nation, a fan site that I’m NOT part of, involved in, member of… in any which way or form.

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  1. quinn says:

    Thank you! Love this.

  2. Mathias says:

    Anyone got a link to the updated list? I am curious why it said 95 in the opening in the most recent episode.

  3. Harvey says:

    Can anyone explain the new numbers that have been appearing in the opening scene? They seem to be decreasing (currently in the 80’s). I’m wondering if the numbers are counting down to the last episode.

  4. Eric D says:

    The Countdown is probably then number of episodes left of the Colbert Report, before Stephen Colbert moves to the Late Show, replacing David Letterman.

    As for updated list, no idea. Probably someone at http://www.colbertnation.com may know. I’m sure there’s someone that geeky.